Is the Clerk's Office a new office?

No, the Clerk of the County has been around since 1850. It was in the early 1990's the County Commission decided to combine the county clerk with the county auditor. A lot has changed over 30 years and in January of this year the County Commission decided the citizens of our county would be better served by reestablishing the traditional separate county clerk and county auditor.

Curtis Koch, who has served as the Clerk/Auditor for the past seven years has decided to run for auditor, this has created a vacancy in the office of Clerk. For the past 18 years I have worked in the Clerk's office and for the past 6 years as the Chief Deputy Clerk.

What am I going to do to improve the office?

I plan to continue building upon incremental improvements in service, transparency, accessibility and security. I have a strong track record of what I have done during my career with Davis County, I believe this best demonstrates what I have done and what I will continue to do into the future.

Can I find government records online?

Yes, you can find records online. Election results are posted on our website dating back to 1896. Commission meeting minutes and agendas are also posted online. You can search for marriage records online and request a copy. In 2019 I established an online catalog system allowing citizens to search a wide variety of records held by the county. In 2017 I established an online records request form which allows citizens to request copies of all county records.

What are the important issues facing the clerk's office?

Election security and voter confidence is one of the most important issues facing the clerk's office right now. Our elections are secure, but there are many in our community that have questions or doubts. I have been working on this over the past year, hosting secure election town halls and tours. During these events we invite citizens to come ask questions and tour the election facility. I have also worked with legislative partners to pass legislation to improve our election security and transparency

What are you doing to keep our elections safe?

I have been focused on election security during my entire 16 years in election administration. Election security involves multiple layers, including physical security, cyber security and operational security. For physical security I have implemented controls on who can access critical systems and areas. I have installed security alarm systems to detect unauthorized access. I have installed security cameras in our election facilities to monitor and record activity. For cyber security all clerk staff is required to attend annual training, helping them better understand the role they play in keeping our systems secure.