The County Clerk is the Chief Election Officer for the county. By law, he or she administers all federal, state, and county elections for the county. The Davis County Clerk also contracts with all cities and service districts to administer their elections.


I have worked in elections administration for 16 years and overseen elections in Davis County since 2013. I am a Certified Election Registration Administrator (CERA), which requires three years of training.


  • Established Vote Centers (2008), allowing citizens to voted at any polling location in Davis County.

  • Implemented Electronic Poll Books (2008), reducing the wait time at polling locations and enhancing election security.

  • Received Minute Man Award from the Election Center (2010) for implementing low-cost efficiencies in election administration.

  • Completed Certification to Service and Repair Diebold Voting Equipment (2012), ensuring on-site services and repairs, reducing dependency on election vendors, enhancing election security, and reducing cost for the county.

  • Received Accessible Voting Award from the Disability Law Center (2012) for efforts to ensure polling locations were accessible for all citizens.

  • Established County Candidate Information Web Page (2014), providing convenient access to information on candidates running for office.

  • Implemented Vote by Mail (2014), improving access to the ballot for all citizens, increasing voter participation, and reducing the cost of replacing election equipment.

  • Enhanced Voter Registration List Maintenance (2014), improving the accuracy of voter registration lists.

  • Developed Financial Disclosure Ordinance (2015), improving transparency of campaign monies, prohibiting anonymous donations, and imposing penalties for failure to meet disclosure requirements.

  • Created Elections Just for Kids Web Page (2016), providing activities to help children learn about elections and to encourage involvement.

  • Established a Minimum of One Polling Location in Every City (2016), ensuring accessible in-person voting throughout the county for voters who need assistance or who choose to vote in person on election day.

  • Served on State Committee to Select a New Paper-Based Voting System (2018), ensuring that ballots are primarily paper based and are used directly for tabulation. This provides greater transparency and enhanced election security.

  • Completed Certification to Service and Repair Election Systems & Software Voting Equipment (2019), ensuring on-site services and repairs, reducing dependency on election vendors, enhancing election security, and reducing cost for the county.

  • Implemented Drive-Thru Voting (2020), ensuring in-person voting during the pandemic and keeping election workers and volunteers safe while serving over 7,000 Davis County residents.

  • Developed Accessible Online Voting for Military and Overseas Voters and for Voters with Disabilities (2020), implementing the system with resources already available to the county and at no additional cost.

  • Installed Secure 24/7 Ballot Drop Boxes in Each City (2020), providing a convenient and secure alternative for citizens to return ballots, saving thousands of taxpayer dollars in postage each year.

  • Began Secure Election Town Hall and Tours (2022), giving citizens an opportunity to meet directly with County Election Officials to ask questions and learn how elections are safeguarded in Davis County.